We want to give you the information required to make informed decisions when it comes to your Business reporting. Below are our most frequently asked questions. Your question not listed here? Ask us - we’re here to help.

Primarily, with our team of experienced consultants, we work with clients to assess and provide the best tools to build solutions that achieve their goals. We have consultants available to assist in various capacities.
We work with Fortune 500 companies, government entities and mid-sized businesses. We often partner with other vendors to add analysis and reporting capabilities to their overall solutions.
Although we have had successful projects within the Financial Services and Retail industries, any company with financial or quantatative data which needs to be visually represented can benefit from our services.
A written non-disclosure agreement is the norm and is always in place. We cannot benefit nor build a trusting relationship by misusing our client's trust, therefore using the client's data in anyway other than their intended use - is a forbidden practice.
Through scheduled meetings, project management software and recorded WebEx sessions, we can remotely gain access to your staff and system to deliver projects.
It begins with a phone call, 917 742-3237, or an email,, to inform us of your current reporting issues.
Absolutely! Actually we support our clients at every step of the development cycle and constantly monitor feedback as we work. We are here for the client's satisfaction in our work.
Office applications that automate tasks; make sense of (normalize) raw data; visualize data - dashboards; review our full list of services here. Let's converse about your specific needs.
100%. If we feel that we cannot assist you, we let you know up-front and will not go any further.
For requirements gathering, you will work with our president who has years of experience, is knowledgeable, and is up-to-date on many topics within data management, analysis and reporting. As resources are allocated, you may work with our senior level consultants.