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OGS HBITS contract #PH686322
OGS Reseller NYS Contract #PM67303
NYSTEC Contract #PN205AA

When searching for answers that make sense of your data; that require advances in streamlined automation; that demand the application of measurable analytics; or to improve Business reporting and decision making - contact us for comprehensive assessments and implementation of optimal solutions.

Key Offerings
  • Industry standards for Development Life Cycle
  • Flexible designs for NexGen advancement
  • Cloud or in-house solutions
  • Security conscious at each phase
  • Agile methodologies - working in tandem with clients throughout each project
  • Skillfully communicate technical and non-technical concepts
  • Innovation across current technology & trends

Project Management Systems

System Assessments

Data Management

Systems Integration

Systems Architecture

Mobility Solutions

Software Development

BI Analytics

Custom Microsoft Office Application

Telecom Networks

Systems Infrastructure

Data Quality

Governance & Regulatory Compliance

Audits And Tracking

Warehousing & Historical Data

Modeling, Migration

Database Architecture

Research, Visioning, Design-Wireframes, Implementation

Operational, Analytical, And Adhoc Reporting

KPI And Aggregate Reports

Dashboard Portals

Interactive Charts

Knowledgebase Management