We provide IT Solutions. Here are some of our solutions:

System Migration & Development, New York

The initial phase involves restructuring data for migration from Essbase cubes to SAP. Create a parallel development server to replicate production for testing and validating data. Automate the transformation of data to the new format and locate data inconsistencies. Subsequent work included BI support with the Business Solutions Team to convert financial reports from the retired system to SAP datasets and develop ad-hoc queries of SAP data. An important part of our work during this phase includes data validation and consolidating reports into cohesive and logically organized ducuments.

Application Development, New York

Develop and launch an application for use in trending forecasts and retrieving data for staff analysis. Users import selected real-time data via web services from an OLAP database into the application. Forecasts are calculated under governed rules and their inputs saved to the database. Develop UI for authentication & permissions; builtin template as workspace for data manipulations. Coodinate UAT; provide help & support; documentation.

C# Integration, New York

Design and develop a web-based application using an Excel/C# frontend as per business requirements. Integrate application with .NET services using XML/REST for processing by Java/J2EE components. Highly customized Ribbon and Pane components for dynamic event handling.

Application Development: Business Reporting, New York

Support business data reporting with custom application development. Extract historical data from expiring system and import into local database tables. Provide UI for ad-hoc visual database queries to simplify reporting when requested by management and other departments. Support department operations by resolving issues, creating solutions, and performing automation on existing applications & data. Re-develop, design and manage the in-house intranet used for self-service trouble ticket reporting.

RFP Award: Custom Calculator, New York

Contract to build an online custom Material Reuse calculator to measure environmental benefits of salvaging and recycling various raw building materials.